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NBIK successfully completed the first stage of Backbone Services Project of Oyu Tolgoi mine.

Our company successfully completed the first stage of Backbone Services project which is being implemented in Oyu Tolgoi mine. The Backbone Services project launched in August 2016 with the objectives to construct underground-to-surface conveyer facility, to facilitate shaft sinking as well as to construct main infrastructure facilities to connect surface facilities required for the launch of Shaft 1 main operation.       

Management of the project and works related to construction and infrastructure are being implemented by project team of NBIK and other companies such as Gobi Infrastructure Partners LLC, ZAG Group, Tavan-Ord LLC, MMS and MonKhorus International are working as subcontractors.

The scope of the project consists of 6 batches of various works including earthworks, construction, installation of inner and outer piping and cabling.                     

During the implementation of the project, we completed 1,890 m earthworks, 1,128 m3 concrete works for foundation of various objects and well, installation of 3,163 m outer PVC piping and 2,682 m steel piping as well as installation of 1,550 m electrical and communication cables.


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