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Director’s Greeting

As the Executive Director of NBIK, I want to take this opportunity to greet all of our international and domestic business partners and customers. It has not been long since we have established and started our business, but we have succeeded in the local market and created trustful and reliable cooperation with our partners. We have trained over 400 construction professionals during this short period and estab­lished a skilled, creative and spirited team of professionals.

The quality of execution and professionalism has been our trademark. As a result, we have expanded the range of our customers and the volume of our business. We greatly appreciate their continuous support and delighted with our achievements.

On behalf of the NBIK’s management and its collective, I hereby express my deepest gratitude to all our customers and business partners, and express our willing to cooperate further, keep gaining good reputation to supply quality product and services, to broaden sphere of our activities, and to build prospective future together here in Mongolia.

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