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Giving back is an integral part of our business activity. Though the concept of corporate social responsibilty is determined in various ways, there is not one exact definition of it. However, the general definition agreed and determined by national and international leading companies as the “core” of, and reflected on their social responsibility policy is “corporate high level volunteer actions that contribure to social well-being, besides fulfilling of corporate duties required by law”

Even though NBIK is young company established in 2010, it has been endeavoring to contribute to social well-beilg by creating competitive permanent jobs and sincere taxpayment through engaging environment friendly modern advanced technology and creating value for customers with high quality products and services.

Inasmuch as expanstion of our business activity, NBIK paid more attention and developed its corporate social responsibility policy and implemented many volunteer actions for social well-being as follows:

NBIK donated equipment to Kharkhorin Hospital 

On the occasion of 60th anniversary of Kharkhorin Hospital located in Kharkhorin soum of Uvurkhangai province, a historical and cultural landscape where ancient Kharkhorum - capital city of Great Mongol Empire was established, NBIK donated medical equipment costs of MNT 8 million as support for “Clean hand” project initiated by the Kharkhorin Hospital and handed to hospital team delightedly.

The project aimed at building clean and comfortable hand washing environment not only for doctors and nurses who save human precious life but also for hospital clients and patients.  

Planted trees

We joined the tree planting volunteer campaign in National Garden Park initiated by the Procurement department of Oyu Tolgoi LLC and our team consists of 10 person planted 30 seedings cost MNT 35000 each in National Garden Park which is one of the main leisure destinations where Ulaanbaatar citizens relax and spend their free time properly. Through this campaign NBIK made its own contribution in landscaping and green area expansion of the National Garden park as well as in sight improvement of our hometown.

Completed outdoor area lanscaping of Saja Bandid Temple

NBIK financed and completed outdoor area lanscaping of Saja Bandid Temple, which is located on the territory of 5th Khoroo, Bayanzurkh district of Ulaanbaatar city, at its own expense of MNT 15 million. This temple was established to restore and spread Saja stream of Buddhism to mongolian worshipers and is one of the cultural and religic tangible heritages.

Sponsored a participant of Asian Para Games.

In frame of its corporate social responsibility policy, NBIK sponsored mongolian para arm-wrestler B.Nomuundalai’s all expenses for participating in 16th Asian Para Games Championship.

NBIK helped in forming environment for child development   

We support the children at the Lotus Children’s Center NGO,  also take part in their community out-reach projects.

Nowadays the Lotus Center is acting as a home for over 80 vulnerable and abused children. Aiming at giving opportunities to children to spend their free times properly, our company built complete basketball court at company’s expense of MNT 40 million and handed to the Center. 

Chipped in protection of cultural heritage 

NBIK chipped in protection of homeland’s cultural heritage and transferring it to future generation by sponsoring main stupas restoration work of Erdene Zuu Monastery of Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape, which is located on the territory of Kharkhorin soum of Uvurkhangai province and Mongolian first cultural heritage-site inscribed in World Heritage List in 2004 as a World Heritage of UNESCO

Sponsored expenses for climbing the European highest peak Elbrus

NBIK handed in B.Erdenebulgan, vice master of mountaineering, traveller and professional photographer, his all expenses of MNT 3 million for climbing the European highest peak Elbrus /5642m above sea level/.

B.Erdenebulgan is representative of young generation aiming at introducing his homeland nature’s inimitable, pristine beauty to the world through photography.



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