About Oyu Tolgoi Mine

Oyu Tolgoi is developing a mine that will exploit one of the world’s largest undeveloped copper-gold resources. The resource is so large that the mine is expected to be operating for at least 50 years.
The Oyu Tolgoi deposit was discovered by Turquoise Hill Resources, a Canadian company, in 2001. Rio Tinto, one of the world’s largest companies, is a major shareholder in Turquoise Hill Resources and has been actively involved in the project since 2005. In 2010, Rio Tinto formally assumed management of the project on behalf of all shareholders. Oyu Tolgoi is owned by Turquoise Hill Resources (66 per cent) and Erdenes Oyu Tolgoi (34 per cent). Erdenes Oyu Tolgoi is wholly owned by the Government of Mongolia.

Oyu Tolgoi supplier of the month

For Oyu Tolgoi, safety is the core value. Therefore, the company also requires the same safety standards from their contractors and suppliers. Suppliers are expected to introduce them in their own daily operations creating a new work culture in Mongolia.

One of these companies is NBIK LLC. Today they work with 300 employees focusing on mining construction and have already participated in big construction projects. They became Oyu Tolgoi suppliers in 2013 and in addition to supplying goods, they also engage in construction work. They worked on building the heavy machinery repair shop and safety training centre. Deputy Director of NBIC LLC Kh.Boldsukh describes their future goals: “We strive to move Mongolian construction standards one step forward towards reaching world standard and to participate in huge projects like Oyu Tolgoi, making our own contribution to the country’s development.”

Oyu Tolgoi LLC has a tradition of promoting the exceptional service of suppliers by issuing Supplier of the Month awards. NBIK LLC was selected as the best supplier for October.

Completed works

Remodeling and Constructing Training center

Performed works on this project within 3 months
• Intalled one 35kV substation including pad mounted transformer, HV/LV switchgears adhere to the transformer located outside of the building.
• Installed 35kV gantry at take-off point of the existing 35kV overhead power line.
• Installed underground power cables from the 35kV gantry to 35kV substation.
• Connection of 35kV High Voltage cable on both 35kV existing overhead line side and 35kV Transformer side.
• Grounding systems
• Concrete footing for transformer, gantry and fence.
• Supply and install 400/230V Low Voltage cables from low voltage switchgear adhered to pad mounted transformer to new training center 400/230V Low voltage panel are not included in this scope of work.

Naliakh TSE water tank and fire hydrant work

We performed to supply, installation of Fire Hydrant and Water reserve tank, and land leveling work by OT request at Nalaikh city within 2 weeks.

Glycol system cleaning, repairing and modification service on Concentrator area.

This project is purposed to clean the whole glycol system which contains about 300,000 liter, repair the valves, particulates and other parts and ensure the normal operation of the system during 2 months.
Our Company supplied:
• Required management team, supervision
• Qualified manpower
• Cleaning chemicals/Sodium Hydroxide/
• Required equipments and tools

Completion of Khanbogd Interaction Center.

We are doing and completing the construction work of Khanbogd Interaction center on Khanbogd Soum. We are doing all works below:

• Interior and exterior
• Internal heating
• Ventilation
• Interior electrical work
• Landscaping
• Fencing
• External services
• Water
• Electrical
• Sewage system
• Road levelling
• Main electrical connection

Temporary Concrete Batch Plant.

This project is purposed to supply all required concrete needs to customers on OT site during 2014 construction season and the total amount of concrete is about 3000 m3.

Permanent Marshaling yard.

This project is purposed to assembly and modification of Modular office buildings on Marshal Yard area, OT site.
Our company is performing the below works on this project:
• Earth works,
• Install fence provided by owner and fabricate and install fence gates,
• Installation of modular office building provided by vendor, including civil /structural/ architectural /plumbing / piping / mechanical/ septic tanks /stairs, etc.
• Construct truck scale foundation and install of truck scale;
• Installation of gate houses;
• Dismantling part of existing fence, gates and road light foundations such stuff. Contractor shall provide necessary detail drawings and adequate and competent labor, supervision, materials, fabrication, consumables, tools, equipment, installation and testing necessary to complete these works;