“NBIK” Co., Ltd is established  on  September  1, 2010  with main  function of  construction and trade, and registered with # BU11-238111 at State Registration  of legal entities. It unites professional, qualified engineering and technical staff, productive and experienced  labor from  different generation  of Mongolian construction industry  and brings  its contribution to the employment improvement,  and country  development, keeping  own  mission and commitment for success.

Up to date “NBIK” Co., Ltd has about  50 of engineering and technical  staff, more than 200 qualified workers  in the field of construction, outer  and inner   engineering work, heating, ventilation, water  supply, fresh and waste  water  piping, water  treatment and purifying system, their  equipment  installation, outer  and inner lighting, electrical mounting and supply.

Greetings of the Executive Director

As the  Executive Director  of  “NBIK” Co., Ltd I want to take this  opportunity to  greet  all of our international and  domestic  business partners  and the  customers.   It has not  been long  since we have established and started  the business, but  we have succeeded in the market, created trustful and reliable cooperation with our partners  and became dependable partner  of the clients and the customers. We have trained  many construction professionals  during this short period, and estab­ lished a skilled, creative and one spirited  team of professionals.

The quality  of  the  execution and professionalism has been our  trademark. As a result  we  have expanded the range of our customers and the volume  of our business. We greatly appreciate  their continuous support and delighted with our achievements.

On behalf of the NBIK LLC’s management and its collective, I hereby express my deepest gratitude to all our customers  and business partners, and express our willing to cooperate further keeping gained  good  reputation to  supply  quality  product and service, to  broaden  sphere of  activity, to build prospective  future together here in Mongolia.